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Photography and more by leetsil Photography and more by leetsil - imBILDE.at

On this website various series of macro, landscape, experimental or even abstract photography are presented. Furthermore, often additional background information about the pictures, as well as "making-of's" or little reviews on products, are shown. Mainly the pictures come from Upper Austria ("Mühl- and Hausruckviertel"), but there are also a few series from cities such as Barcelona or Vienna. This page began with the presentation of photographs of water droplets and a small "making of".

Tags: Photography, paintings, art, gallery, macros, landscapes, flowers, making of, reviews Canon EOS 450D, water drops, animals, abstract, Homepage, Website
Author: Bernhard Plank
Language: German
Fotografie als Kunstwerk | Fotokunst Photography as art | Photoart - phoTo-eXhibiT.com/

The photoblog of the website "Photography and more by leetsil". On this blog, the photos are the foreground and it will be discussed. The works presented here come mostly from larger series. More information on that series are mostly presented on the webpage. The topics from which the pictures are shown, are the same as that of the website.

Tags: Photography, paintings, art, macro, landscapes, flowers, water droplets, animals, abstract, Blog, Photo Blog, Canon EOS 450D
Author: Bernhard Plank
Language: English and German
Photograpy by Reinhold Plank Photograpy by Reinhold Plank - reinhold.imbilde.at

The photographic focus of this website are abstract image - design with form and color - and the targeted use of sharpness and blur, especially in macro photography. Most are whole series of pictures which appear in the form of projects, calendars and exhibitions on the webpage. Reinhold Plank is since 1979 member of the Photographic Society of Upper Austria and work in the ooe-gallery in Linz as artistic director.

Tags: Photography, paintings, abstract art, exhibitions, calendar, projects, gallery, macros, landscapes, flowers, Canon EOS 350D, Leica D-Lux 3, Homepage
Author: Reinhold Plank
Language: German
Making money on the Internet, really? Making money on the Internet, really? - iGeld.net

This blog deals with the money on the internet and what should be respected to earn it! Do nothing and earn nothing, so you must effort some time and work into the projects to be driven. Therfore, web-optimization is needet, which included topics such as SEO (Search engine Optimization), server and web space provider and related partner programs. That all and much more will be handled on this webpage.

Tags: Money, Internet, SEO, Serpens, marketing, promotion, optimization, search engine, advertising, earnings, money, Side / Pagerank, homepage, blog
Author: Bernhard Plank
Language: German, English (tba)
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